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Dear Friends:

There are so many of us who are truly fortunate in so many ways.  And there are many of us who believe that giving something back and helping people less fortunate than ourselves is simply the right thing to do.  I was a New Haven city kid.  It took me 20 years to catch my break.  The Michael Bolton Charities serves as an instrument of compassion to give those less fortunate – those children and women who deserve a chance for a better life.

We support organizations that emphasize teaching children and women a way to escape, on their own, the patterns and consequences of abuse, poverty and ignorance.  We reach out to support groups whose programs provide a path to a safe future.  For over two decades, dedicated donors, volunteers and professionals have changed lives and saved lives.  The needs across our communities remain, and we remain committed – with your help – to go the distance.



Beyond Trauma: Youth Music Therapy is our ground-breaking program, providing a lifeline to high risk New Haven youth who have experienced domestic violence and significant trauma.

The Andie Koplik Residency is at the heart of the program, which is exceeding expectations as young people realize they can transform their emotional state.

For the first time in their lives, they are believing.

Save the Dates in 2020

Aug 1 - Andie Koplik Event @ Mohegan Sun

Dec 5 - MBC Event @ Delamar Greewhich

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FOX 61

Dr. David G. CarterIt is with great sadness we announce that our beloved board president, Dr. David G. Carter has passed away.

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