Family Justice Center

A Family Justice Center is a one-stop, full service support center providing an extraordinary range of essential professional and advocacy services to children and women at risk due to domestic violence.  The Michael Bolton Charities has supported a Family Justice Center in Brooklyn, New York with phenomenal success.  It is an approach that is working effectively across the country, with solid reviews from professionals and life-changing results.  That is precisely the approach to be brought to Connecticut, in partnership with corporate leaders and critical state and federal agencies.

The Family Justice Center model saves lives and saves money.  It has been identified as a best practice by the U.S. Department of Justice in domestic violence intervention and prevention services.  Experience has shown that with the full force of the criminal justice system and agencies providing services together under one roof to address criminal, civil, legal, health, housing, education and other serious concerns, victims of domestic violence and their families can break the cycle of terror and violence and move on to productive and rewarding lives.  It is truly remarkable.

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