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Dear Friends,

Michael BoltonOur mission hasn’t wavered through all these years – to make a difference in people’s lives, support organizations on the frontlines of the struggle against domestic violence, and to give women and children dealing with trauma a real chance for a better life.

I invite you to take a look as we launch this newsletter, reaffirm our vision for the years to come, and highlight the important work that we’re involved with, particularly our Beyond Trauma: Youth Music Therapy program and its Andie Koplik Residency

In addition, I thank everyone who contributed to our virtual Chords of Hope event, and Richard and Demi Weitz’s RWQuarantunes, for a splendid evening that advanced our efforts. And I proudly stand with all who continue to advocate for Congressional reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which absolutely should occur without further delay.

Tragically, we have seen alarming data during COVID that reflects a spike in incidents of domestic violence, increasingly placing women and children at risk.  We remain committed to devoting resources and advocacy to do what we have always done - draw attention to the domestic violence epidemic, enlist other men to raise their voices for zero tolerance, and respond to immense challenges and compelling needs.

In our music therapy program, we have seen first-hand that young people who are tough to reach, can also prove to be incredibly resilient.  Children who have had the deck stacked against them at every turn, can turn things around.  Those who didn’t think they had any possibilities, are gaining the confidence to believe in themselves.  It isn’t easy, but it is happening.

During these months of COVID, and the enormous challenges of school-at-home, we have seen a new trauma of uncertainty and insecurity, just as hard-earned progress was being made.  But these young people persevere, and with your support and the expertise of our music therapists, we are helping students through this latest obstacle, so they can keep moving forward.

Never underestimate the healing power of music.  And the impact music has on young lives, the life of their families, and their prospects for the safe and secure future that they deserve. Thank you for helping us to replace harm with hope.

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