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Proposals are by invitation only. The Michael Bolton Charities does not accept unsolicited requests. Upon invitation by MBC, proposals should be sent to:

Office Administrator
The Michael Bolton Charities
P. O. Box 453
Wallingford, CT  06492
Proposals should be no more than four pages in length and must include the following information:
  • Name and location of organization
  • Area served and project description
  • Amount of funding requested
  • Name, address and phone number of primary contact
  • Name of executive director
  • Copy of IRS exemption letter (nonprofit status)
Once a proposal has been submitted, you will receive a letter acknowledging its receipt. Should The MBC Board have questions regarding your proposal, you may receive a telephone call requesting further information or an appointment to make a site visit. You should feel free to contact The Michael Bolton Charities at (203) 483-6463 to determine when the Board will review your proposal. The Board normally meets quarterly and notification of funding decisions will be communicated within two weeks after the meeting.
The following specific project information is required in order for The Michael Bolton Charities to evaluate your request for funding:
  • Program description including objectives and how results will be measured
  • Description of those benefiting from the program
  • Other sources of funding
  • Amount of grant request
  • Qualifications of organization and/or program director
  • Itemized project budget
The Michael Bolton Charities does not normally provide support for:
  • Capital fundraising or building campaigns
  • Endowment campaigns
  • General administrative costs
  • Travel or salaries for staff or individuals
  • Partisan, political or denominational programs
  • Loans to charitable organizations
  • Funds that intend to reduce operating deficits or requests where the MBC may become the organization’s predominant source of support
  • Intermediary funding agencies