Our Mission

Due to the overwhelming number of requests for support, The MBC accepts grant requests by invitation only.  In addition, our current emphasis is on the issue of domestic violence in the geographical areas of Connecticut and New York.

Founded in 1993, the mission of The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc. is dedicated to two basic areas:

1.  The assistance of children and women "at risk," and

2.  Through education and effective programs, create social awareness to broaden horizons and  expand opportunities for youth across socioeconomic and multicultural lines.

A.  Children and Women "At Risk."

Child Development and the Prevention and Intervention of Abuse. To attempt to lessen children’s and women’s vulnerability to the damaging effects of poverty and emotional, physical and sexual abuse.


  • Execution of vehicles for increasing awareness and public education of the issues to families and children.
  • Identification of methods for detection, prevention and mediation of their effects.
  • Development of innovative, therapeutic "safe" centers for protection and healing of victims.

B.  Through education and effective programs, provide opportunities for youth across socioeconomic and multicultural lines.

To improve the availability and access to resources which foster personal development.  Programs should promote values and creativity by focusing on self-esteem, empowerment, leadership skills, education, environmental awareness, drugs, crime, abuse, AIDS, health and global issues.


  • To deepen and empower children’s engagement in their own education and future at all levels.
  • To develop educational support through scholarships, workshops, incentives, internships and other appropriate avenues.
  • To collaborate with the corporate/business community, state and local government, social service agencies, schools and private/public associations in developing outreach programs and employment opportunities, which will have a long term effect on the goals of the MBC.


Connecticut, New York


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