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It is October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is a time for action.

In Washington, D.C., that action remains elusive, and we must raise our voices louder until our laws reflect the imperative that people throughout our communities know is essential. In Connecticut, there are signs of progress, as a new law takes effect that recognizes coercion for what it is – domestic violence, as much as is physical abuse. This newsletter provides valuable information on these measures.

At The MBC, our efforts continue without pause and intensify, particularly as we all grapple with the continuing pandemic, and the rise in domestic violence incidents and trauma impacting intimate partners and their children.

We are encouraged by the determined involvement of our Board of Directors and our new Board of Advisors and Development Committee, and we are grateful for the expertise and passion they bring to our work. And we are very pleased to have established The Michael Bolton Charities Legacy Society, which offers new options to support our efforts in enduring ways. There’s more about these initiatives in this newsletter and on our website.

As students in our music therapy program returned to in-person classes this fall, the positive impact of our Beyond Trauma: Youth Music Therapy program continues to prove evident. Our music therapists and teaching staff notice a remarkable difference in students who participate, as the most recent independent evaluation of our program points out:

“Do the students in music therapy benefit from the program? Absolutely they do. They feel better in the moment. They experience significantly more positive emotions and significantly fewer negative emotions. They are significantly more likely to feel proud too… Some of the positive experiences likely spill over when the students return to class or when they come home.”

The data and the first-hand experiences of music therapists, parents, school administrators and teachers – highlighted in this newsletter and throughout our website – reflect the impact this program is having, and the genuine transformation that occurs.

That’s why we are working earnestly to replicate and expand our programs – in Connecticut and beyond - into locations that are easiest to access by children at risk, such as additional schools, domestic violence shelters, Family Justice Centers, and community centers. As we do so, more students, and more families, will benefit from the healing power of music.

With added impetus from our extraordinarily committed Board members and their collective expertise, we look to increase our collaborations with organizations that share parallel missions. We firmly believe this approach allows the impact of every donor dollar to be amplified.    

Through nearly three decades of unrelenting efforts, and as we look ahead, we remain firmly fixed on our vision: a world free of the tragic cycles of domestic violence and abuse.

Thank you for your support, every step of the way.

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