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Eva Bunnell photoAccountability...

In all aspects of life, we do so much more, so much more that is truly good, when we hold ourselves and or those entrusted with power and resources, accountable.
In the world of social and health service systems that are entrusted to provide supports, services, protections, and/or meaningful interventions, appropriate funding levels is critically important. But accountability is the lifeblood to progress in any of the social and health goals we are in sore need of.

Genuine accountability is, or should be, an absolute requirement when it comes to realizing meaningful progress in reducing violence in homes, communities, and the world. If we are to ever see improvements in the negative issues that seem to be on an ever upward trend, particularly now during this pandemic, we must ensure that those who are entrusted to serve precious lives, with finite resources, are doing what they say they are.

We must openly demonstrate with measurable data, the outcomes of resources utilized. More money isn’t the only answer if we do not begin with the transparency of whether the use of it produces a measurable, positive impact. To that end, we here at The Michael Bolton Charities recommit ourselves to holding ourselves, and our programs, accountable to our stated mission.
Most of all, we hold ourselves accountable to the women and children we serve.

In practice, that means to continue being transparent in our work, and clearly demonstrate outcomes with data that breaks down for you, our friends, the impact of your support.
We will continue to strive toward bringing to the forefront and promotion to scale, those services, programs, interventions, that hold the most promise in providing protection and support to individuals affected by violence in homes and communities in the here and now, and those that can reduce or eliminate violent and aggressive behaviors in ways that promise a less violent future.

With deep gratitude for your continued support, we look forward to a more peaceful and healthy year ahead.

Eva Bunnell, President
Board of Directors, The Michael Bolton Charities