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The Michael Bolton Charities has come full circle, once again building a foundation for future progress beginning in Michael Bolton’s hometown of New Haven, Connecticut. 

Nearly 30 years ago, the first initiative of the fledgling Michael Bolton Charities was establishing Safe Space, a place where urban youth could feel safe - physically mentally and spiritually.

That led directly to decades of financial support for program initiatives across the county that were developed and implemented by organizations on the frontlines, diligently and effectively responding to the critical needs of individuals dealing with the devastating effects of domestic violence.  Through the years, well over 100 organizations across the country earned a share that support through program grants, as more than $10 million was raised by The MBC. Without that support, many of the critical services they offered simply might not have existed, or could not have reached nearly as many people.

More recently, The MBC embarked on research that led to development of a groundbreaking music therapy program to reach young people buffeted by trauma, seeking to regain a belief in themselves and their own possibilities.  The Beyond Trauma: Youth Music Therapy program and its Andie Koplik Residency, first located in a high school of last resort, and next in a middle school, has swiftly earned accolades from parents, professionals and participants, and impressive results.  Now, The MBC aims to replicate this program in more places across the country to reach more young people.

Even as efforts to replicate the initiative intensify, The MBC concurrently looks to what’s next.

Among the potential initiatives on the drawing board:  an annual symposium that would bring together experts in the field, policymakers, influencers, and others, to explore what’s working and where breakthroughs are being achieved.  And continued efforts to advocate for and support effective initiatives responding to domestic violence, particularly in the aftermath of COVID, as data reflects an increasing incidence.

With a dedicated and energized Board of Directors, and the unrelenting commitment of Michael Bolton, The MBC nears its 30th anniversary with a renewed determination to make a difference in the lives of individuals who deserve a safe and better life, free of the tragedy of domestic violence and the trauma of profoundly challenging circumstances.